Adjustment of mining model

Layer is currently in the preparatory stage. As a creative team, Layer Labs believes that the mining model in the first month needs to be further improved ,so as to create a firm foundation for the overall development of Layer ecology in the future.

After the discussion at Layer labs, it was decided that in the first month of Genesis mining, the number of rewards for community mining would be adjusted from 10 million layers to 200,000. At the same time, based on the above adjustment of mining model, Layer’s governance rules are adjusted from 1% of the original total circulation to 1% of the current circulation.

Our first mining will start in early May. The first week will be lossless deposit mining and the second week will be liquid mining. Please follow our official Twitter ( )and Telegram ( )for the specific time Welcome to participate in the Layer ecology!

Layer protocol is coming! 🔛🎉🎉🎉 A money market smart contract which supports all kinds of BEP-20 standard token assets.