About Ecological Construction of Layer Labs

According to Layer Labs, the construction of Layer’s DeFi ecosystem is mainly started from three sectors, namely, lending, stable coin and DEX.

A. Transaction sector:

The transaction field is seriously homogenized, and each platform has its own lineage. UNI has been in the forefront of the industry, and there are few innovative points in this field.

C. Stable coin sector:

Starting from the lending sector, we will subsequently issue our own stable coins and lay a good foundation for stable coins. Stablecoins are similar to a bottom layer of the DEX sector

The above plan is based on the framework of the three foundations which will continue to be expanded in the future. For example, the lending field will be expanded horizontally, including lending with fixed interest rate, lending with fixed term, unliquidated lending, NFT lending, etc. We will also actively embrace some changes in the underlying ecology, such as the launch of Layer 2 of ETH and ETH 2.0, expecting the emergence of the first foundation sector in the underlying changes. We are also optimistic about the further development of financial derivatives. At present, the field of derivatives is still unable to be united. We will make a good layout for derivatives after we lay a solid foundation, including insurance, leverage and wealth management, and link up the whole sector and have our whole sector cooperated with the outside world.

From the underlying perspective, it is not limited to any chain. The DeFi is an ecosystem above the underlying facilities, which does not only embrace BSC, ETH, Polkadot, Avalanche, side chains, cross-chains, etc. Many users may not know much about the underlying public chain technology, but they certainly know how to apply it. Therefore, we need to build a bridge between the underlayer and the application layer. For all the infrastructures, we will try our best to choose and support them.

The biggest advantage lies in that it supports all currencies. Many DeFi applications do not support non-mainstream currencies. For example, Compound does not have Doge. Those projects that are not supported are of a large scale and have unlimited space. The second advantage is that it can greatly reduce the commission charge of lending. BSC can quickly support some non-ETH currencies across the chain. The number of the projects supported by BSC exceeds that of ERC20.

About Layer Labs

The Layer Labs team has been engaged in the blockchain industry for more than 10 years and was one of teams involving in the blockchain construction at the early stage. In recent two years, Layer Labs has concentrated on the technical research and development planning of the DeFi projects. The Layer Protocol is a DeFi loan agreement supporting all currencies, and it is the first step for Layer Labs to make the layout of the DeFi ecology. The vision of Layer Labs is to build an ecological framework based on Layer, link and build a complete DeFi ecosystem and promote the implementation and future planning of decentralized finance.

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