With the end of Layer Genesis mining, 200,000 Layer coins were allocated in the first four weeks. Layer will officially enter into the second stage of mining. By the voting of DAO, 90,000 Layer coins will be produced through liquidity mining and pledge mining in the following three months.

Users can deposit their assets in the following steps:

Step 1

Access to https://app.layer.cash , connect with your wallet.(BSC MetaMask setup guidance).

Step 2

Selected a specific market in the top list. Choose the assets which you want to deposit and then click the ‘Approve’ button. While the assets are approved, you may click the ‘Deposit’ button and finish the whole process.

(It only supports USDT based on BSC in the first week)



Layer protocol is coming! 🔛🎉🎉🎉 A money market smart contract which supports all kinds of BEP-20 standard token assets.