L_ Token is a kind of asset deposit certificate. After you deposit the asset, according to the contract agreement, you will get L_ Token.For example, if you deposit the BUSD-T (USDT based on BSC), it will generate L_ BUSD-T. You can see it in your wallet, which is a BSC based token.


Token: The exchange rate of L_Token is usually 1:50. For example, if you deposit 100 BUSD-T (USDT based on BSC), you will get 50,000 L_BUSD-T. When Token starts to flow into the market, this exchange rate will produce a certain dynamic change based on the total…

When you have finished your deposit, you can borrow other assets. Please review the steps.


  1. First,you need to collateralize your assets to lend them out. Click the market, select one of your assets as collateral, and then click on the “mortgage” switch. The more assets mortgaged, the closer the health factor is to 2,it means the lower the risk of your borrowing.

Users can deposit their assets in the following steps:

Step 1

Access to , connect with your wallet.(BSC MetaMask setup guidance).

Step 2

Selected a specific market in the top list. Choose the assets which you want to deposit and then click the ‘Approve’ button. While the assets are approved, you may click the ‘Deposit’ button and finish the whole process.

(It only supports USDT based on BSC in the first week)

Layer is currently in the preparatory stage. As a creative team, Layer Labs believes that the mining model in the first month needs to be further improved ,so as to create a firm foundation for the overall development of Layer ecology in the future.

After the discussion at Layer labs, it was decided that in the first month of Genesis mining, the number of rewards for community mining would be adjusted from 10 million layers to 200,000. …

The invention of the blockchain has brought new possibilities to the field of finance. Whether we’re talking about countless new applications of blockchain finance or the emergence of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), this new ecosystem based in the native virtual currency community has been overwhelmingly positive in its impacts. Moreover, it shows the new innovations that blockchain technology provides to the global economic system.

The conventional financial system has created huge volumes of wealth, but due to its practices of centralized management, and opaque system management practices, a number of problems have emerged, including unfair resource distribution. For example, one such…

According to Layer Labs, the construction of Layer’s DeFi ecosystem is mainly started from three sectors, namely, lending, stable coin and DEX.

A. Transaction sector:

The transaction field is seriously homogenized, and each platform has its own lineage. UNI has been in the forefront of the industry, and there are few innovative points in this field.

C. Stable coin sector:

Starting from the lending sector, we will subsequently issue our own stable coins and lay a good foundation for stable coins. Stablecoins are similar to a bottom layer of the DEX sector


Layer is a DeFi contract that supports all BEP-20 asset deposits & loans. Users can deposit any BEP-20 token in the contract and gain interest yield from borrowers. Matching the demand of borrowing, users need to deposit supported assets as collateral before lending money from layer

Layer has many advantages compared to mainstream competitors:

a.Widely adopted all kinds of BEP-20 standard token assets.

b.Risk isolated among difference pools.

c.Creating the ability to go margin long/short on a large variety of tokens.

d.Fair launch with no pre-mining.

Core functions

Deposit:Users can inject assets into the lending pool and obtain interest…


Layer protocol is coming! 🔛🎉🎉🎉 A money market smart contract which supports all kinds of BEP-20 standard token assets.

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